Visiting Tony Soprano’s House

Some people make pilgrimages to Mecca, others to the Wailing Wall, but for people like me (worldly, shallow, pronounces ricotta “rigotte” even though they’re not Italian), the religious destination of choice is Tony Soprano’s New Jersey McMansion.

I can’t help that I was born under a bad sign, blue moon in my eye.
Know Before You Go

There’s not much to it, honestly. The house is in a residential neighborhood in North Caldwell, New Jersey (I’m not giving out the address, but it’s easy to find if you search for it). People actually live there, so don’t expect to have a driveway photo shoot in your bathrobe. Luckily, the owners are friendly, or they at least politely tolerated my boyfriend and I taking photos out front. If you’re going to go, just be respectful! It’s what Tony would want.

Come for the photo op, stay for the gabagool